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Jallikattu at Tamil Nadu in 2019.

Jallikattu is a traditional event in Tamil Nadu. It is an ancient Tamil event where participants try to embrace a bull, when the bull try to knock them off. It displays the bravery of a person who embraces the bull. The person who wins the event was awarded with money in the ancient Tamil period

The earliest history of Jallikattu was from about 2500 years ago. It is held on the day of third day of Pongal festival and second day of Thai month of the Tamil calendar which is known as Maatu Pongal.

The Supreme Court ordered Jallikattu banned because of animal welfare issues.And the Tamil nadu youngsters protest against supreme Court's in the Marina beach .Banned more than 2 million people's participate the protest and the government of India special ordinance for jallikattu and lift the supreme Court's ban.After 3 years they conduct jallikattu [1]

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