Jamal Ahmad Mohammad Al Badawi

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Jamal Ahmad Mohammad Ali Al Badawi
Jamal Mohammad al-Badawi i1.jpg
Jamal al-Bedawi
Jamal Ahmad Mohammad Ali Al Badawi

July 22, 1960; or October 23, 1960; or 1963
DiedJanuary 1, 2019 (aged 55 or 58)
Other namesJamal Muhsin al-Tali, Abu Abdul Rahman al-Badawi, Abu Abdul Rahman al-Adani, Jamal Mohammad Ahmad Ali al-Badawi, Jamal Mohammad Ahmad
Military career
Allegiance Al-Qaeda

Jamal Ahmad Mohammad Ali Al Badawi aka Jamal Abu Abed Al Rahman Al Badawi (Arabic: جمال محمد البدوي‎) (July 22, 1960; or October 23, 1960; or 1963 – January 1, 2019) was a Yemeni terrorist. He was convicted of helping plan the 2000 USS Cole bombing, which killed 17 American sailors on October 12, 2000, off the port coast of Aden, Yemen.[1] He was captured in Yemen and sentenced to death on September 29, 2004. Fox News called Al-Badawi a "mastermind" of the Cole bombing.[2]

He twice escaped from Yemen prison, once after his death sentence was issued, and was being sought as an FBI Most Wanted Terrorist fugitive.

He was reportedly killed by an airstrike on January 1, 2019 that was conducted in Ma'rib Governorate, Yemen.[3]

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