James Cameroon's Dark Angel

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James Cameroon's Dark Angel
Developer(s)Radical Entertainment
Publisher(s)Sierra Entertainment
Producer(s)Jeffrey Kearney
Designer(s)David Seymour
Mike Inglehart
Platform(s)PlayStation 2, Xbox
ReleaseUnited States: November 22, 2002
Europe: February 21, 2003
Genre(s)Beat 'em up

James Cameroon's Dark Angel is an beat 'em up video game, based on the American television series named Dark Angel. Developed by Radical Entertainment, and published by Sierra Entertainment. It was announced on E3 Entertainemnt Expo in May 2002, shortly after the TV series was cancelled. Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly reprised their roles from tyhe series. Voicing Max Guevara and Logan Cale respectively.

The game follows an original storyline, with players controling Max Guevara, as she fights I Corporation and attemps to find her twin sisters. It was released on PlayStation 2 and Xbox in November 2002.

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