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James Richman
Džeims Ričmens
Born (1989-03-19) March 19, 1989 (age 31)
Other namesDžeims Ričmens, Джеймс Ричман, 詹姆斯·里奇曼, Giêm Rích-man
CitizenshipLatvian SSR, USSR (now  Latvia)
OccupationBusinessman, Investor, Philanthropist
Years active2010–present
OrganizationJJ Richman
Known forInvestments in Facebook, Uber, Tesla, Inc.

James Richman (born March 19, 1989 in Smārde, Tukums) is a Latvian-born investor.[1][2] He is best known for his investments in Facebook, Uber, and Tesla Inc through his private asset management company, JJ Richman.[3]

Investments[change | change source]

James Richman's investment approach is often compared to that of Warren Buffett and Steve Cohen.[4][5] He has diversified investments across many sectors including manufacturing, real estate, and innovative technologies such as biotechnology.[6]

General Electric[change | change source]

Richman has been vocal about his investments and support for General Electric. He predicted the stock to drop in the $5 price level and for it to hit the $10, which is an increase of 100 percent.[7][8][9]

3D-printing[change | change source]

He is most notable for his investments particularly in the research and development of the first medical breakthrough in 3D-printed hearts from the patient’s own cells.[10]

Biomedical[change | change source]

Richman supports many biotechnology research and development efforts to combat major global silent killer diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease and, cancer.[11]

Philanthropy[change | change source]

In the wealthy's efforts to help fight against COVID-19, Richman donated $18 million towards the efforts of finding coronavirus treatment and vaccine. He also mobilized his biomedical investments to produce 3D-printed equipment to be used by frontliners and hospitals.[12]

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