James Young Simpson

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Sir James Young Simpson (born June 7, 1811 in Scotland) was a qualified doctor by the age of 21 but changed to work as a clerk, due to his traumatic reaction to witnessing mastectomies during his medical training. He sat in several lecture courses as a student, but the anatomical lecture by a Doctor Knox made him choose the career path of midwifery and obstetrics. He became a qualified professor of midwifery at the age of 29, in 1840.

Due to his traumatizing observations of surgery as a student, he decided to experiment with anesthetics. He tried using ether and chloroform, but refused to use ether due to its bad odor. He discovered the anesthetic properties of chloroform, using it in obstetrics, to make childbirth easier and safer. He also invented a new design for the forceps, to make them safer to use. They are now known as "Simpsons' forceps". He was one of the earliest doctors to use midwifes in hospitals.

Chloroform was a good idea, as it put people to sleep, making surgical procedures safer, pain-free, and better for the individuals. It was recognized as an achievement when Queen Victoria herself received chloroform to give birth to her fourth child. :)