Jamote Qaumi Movement

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The Jamote Qaumi Movement is a political party in the Balochistan province of Pakistan.[1]

The Jamot Qomi movememt was founded by Mir Gul Hassan Manjhoo Let to provide a political platform for the Jamot people of Balochistan in 1996 in Dera Murad Jamali. The party was created on the basis of the political philosophy of Mir Abdul Malik Shaheed and Mir Murtaza Abro Shaheed (the pioneers of the anti-feudal movement in Kachhi Balochistan)

The manifesto of the party is:

  • Struggle for the Jamot people in Balochistan
  • struggle against the Feudalism or the feudalism system based in Pakistan.
  • the party believes the Islamic system of social justice should be implemented in country.

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