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Osaka office of the Japan Mint

The Japan Mint (独立行政法人 造幣局, Dokuritsu Gyōsei Hōjin Zōheikyoku) is an Incorporated Administrative Agency. It is a special type of semi-governmental entity in Japan.[1]

The mint has its Head office in Osaka with branches in Tokyo and Hiroshima.

History[change | change source]

The Meiji government established the Japan Mint.

In the early Meiji era, paper currency was printed by Dondorf and Naumann in Germany.[2]

A proposal to construct a banknote manufacturing plant in Japan was approved in December 1874. A two-story Western red brick building was completed in October 1876.[3]

The Mint became an Incorporated Administrative Agency on April 1, 2003.[4]

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