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Maharaja Suraj Mal.jpg
Jaat King Maharaj Surajmal of Bharatpur in 18th century
Sanskrit, Hindi
Hindu, Sikh

Jaat or Jat or Jats (Urdu: جٹ) are a large group of people, found mostly in Pakistan and India.

History[change | change source]

"Jat" is a label of a wide-ranging non-elite community, which had its origins in pastoralism in the lower Indus valley of Sindh.[1]

"... (North India) contained large numbers of non-elite tillers. In the Punjab and the western Gangetic Plains, convention defined the Rajput's non-elite counterpart as a Jat. Like many similar titles used elsewhere, this was not so much a caste name as a broad designation for the man of substance in rural terrain. … To be called Jat has in some regions implied a background of pastoralism, though it has more commonly been a designation of non-servile cultivating people".[2]

Distribution[change | change source]

Jatts inhabited throughout the Punjab region, Sindh and some other northwestern parts of Subcontinent.[source?]

Famous people[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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Further reading[change | change source]

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