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Jawa 353 250cc 1958

Jawa started in 1927. Czechoslovak ammunition factory of František Janeček started find a new product program, because army production was stopped. František Janeček was a scientist, inventor and constructor. In Czechoslovakia was production of motorbikes only small-lot or single part, so new production program was chosen in this branch.

The name JAWA comes from the first two letters of words Janeček, name of the holder and Wanderer, name of the Austrian factory, which sold licence for first JAWA motorbike Wanderer 500 OHV.

In 1932 František Janeček presented a new motorbike, it was Jawa 175 Villiers. Licence was bought from England, from constructor G.W. Patchettem. It was simple motorbike for today using. In Czechoslovakia was very favourite for light weight. To 1935 were produced some 3000 motorbikes of this type.

In 1935 the same frame used engine JAWA 350 OHV. This motorbike was stronger and more luxury than previous type 175 Villiers. There was more chrome parts and a built-in speedometer. 4000 motorbikes of this type were produced.

Most small and youngest motorbike of season before World War II was the Jawa 100 Robot. It was a small moped . About 12000 were produced.

In 1933 Jawa started to produce small cars. Ing. Janeček bought a licence from German Meisterklasse DKW. It was called JAWA 700. To 1934 was produced some one thousand cars of this type, because sale was full of small cars, so JAWA produced more motorbikes than cars, in season before war were motorbikes more favourite.

The start of World War II meant the end of motorbike production. Lots of motorbikes projects was created illegally, but only one realized, Jawa 350 „Pérák“ After war was produce of motorbikes started again. „Pérák“ was first motorbike with Czech licence, all parts of this motorbike were from Czechoslovakia. It was technical a technology miracle of this season.

In 1952 was produced one of travelling motorbike Jawa 500 OHC, there was used four stroke engine. This motorbike is used by the police and the army.

To the 1960 JAWA cooperated with many countries, for example India, Turkey, Egypt. Firm IDEAL MOTORD in Majsur in India bought licences from Jawa mostly.

In 1970 were most produced motorbikes „BIZON“ series, and after that was created JAWA 634, which were modernized to model 640. JAWA produced a lot´s of models of mopeds, for example JAWA 50 types 20,21 named „pionýr“ or „pařez“ This motorbikes were mostly sell in SSSR. Jawa 638-640 has engine 350ccm, it is robust and favourite motorbike in class motorbike.

Today JAWA is sold in many European countries. The newest models are JAWA 660, JAWA 125 and 50 Dandy, JAWA 250, 350 and. Basic of motorbikes is really the same like 70 years ago, but it is very modernized, mainly motors. Today stronger four-stroke motors are used, two-stroke motors are used to 350ccm.