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Jean-Pierre Adams (born 10 March 1948) is a French former footballer. He played as a central defender.

Adams started playing with RC Fontainebleau in 1967 as a striker, with whom he won the Championnat de France amateur twice. In 1970, he signed a contract with Nîmes Olympique, going on to remain in Ligue 1 for the following nine seasons, also representing in the competition OGC Nice and Paris Saint-Germain FC.

In the 1971–72 campaign, Adams contributed with four goals in all 38 games to help Nîmes to a best-ever second place, also winning the Cup of the Alps.[1] He added a career-best nine in 1973–74, for a final ninth position.

On 15 June 1972, Adams made his debut for the French national team in an unofficial exhibition game against an African XI selected by the Confederation of African Football.

Since 17 March 1982, he has been in a coma following a knee operation.[2][3][4]

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