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Jeannie Rousseau (1939 or 1940 photo)

Jeannie Rousseau (Viscomtesse de Clarens) (April 1, 1919 – August 23, 2017)[1][2] was an Allied intelligence agent in occupied France during World War II. She was a member of Georges Lamarque's "Druids" network. Rousseau was born in Saint-Brieuc, France.

Codenamed AMNIARIX, she evaded Gestapo agents while gathering crucial information on the Germans' emerging rocket weapons programs from behind enemy lines. Her intelligence reports, forwarded to London, led directly to the British raid on Peenemünde and to delays and disruptions in the V-1 and V-2 programs, saving many thousands of lives in the West.

Rousseau was captured twice and spent time in three concentration camps.[3]

Rousseau died on 23 August 2017 in Montaigu, France, aged 98.[4]

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