Jecheon AIDS scandal

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Jecheon AIDS scandal or Jecheon AIDS crime was a well-known sex crime that happened in Jecheon, South Korea. A male taxi driver was arrested by the police on 13 March 2009 for knowingly spreading HIV/AIDS to dozens of women in Jecheon between 2003 and 2009.[1]

The offender was Mr. Jeon, a 27-year-old taxi driver who has HIV. He had sex with many women over five to six years, despite knowing his condition.[2] The police said that his partners included drunken taxi passengers as well as bar girls he came to know while working as a driver. Many of the women were married women, housewives, or divorcees. Jeon rarely used condoms, according to local media.[3]

Jeon said that he had had sex with ten women, but a survey estimated the number at between 70 to 400. His mobile phone, which had been confiscated by police, contained the phone numbers of about seventy women.

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