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Green Jell-O
This article is for the dessert, Jelly. See jam for the condiment.

Jelly or Gelatin desert is a dessert item. It comes in different taste choices, or flavors, depending on what fruit or artificial flavor has been added. Jelly is a cold and solid food that is normally made from hot water and powder. The powder is made from gelatin and various additives.

Rainbow jelly

Jelly can be added to foods like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Naming and Spelling[change | change source]

Depending on where you live, gelatin may be called different things. In the United States and Canada, jelly is often called 'Jell-O'. Jell-O is a brand of gelatin that has become a generic, or typical, name for gelatin desert. In Commonwealth Nations like the United Kingdom and New Zealand, almost all gelatin is called jelly. Also, it is spelled gelatine.

'Jell-O Shots'[change | change source]

Sometimes, alcohol is added to jelly. You can make jello shots with almost any type of alcohol. Jello shots can be served in small glasses and can be any color depending on the other ingredients put into the Jell-O shot. The jello shot is also known as the poison rainbow.