Jeong Mong-ju

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Jeong Mong-ju

Jeong Mong-ju (Korean: 정몽주, Hanja:鄭夢周, 1337 - April 1392) was a Korean Goryo Dynasty politician, writer, poet and thinker. The last Prime Minister of Goryo Dynastys 1390 to 1392. He was murdered by Lee Bang-won (이방원) and Jo yeong-mu (조영무), in Sunjukkyo (선죽교). Another name was 'Mongran' (몽란, 夢蘭) and 'Mongryong' (몽룡, 夢龍), nickname was Poeun (포은, 圃隱).

Books[change | change source]

  • Poeunjip (포은집)
  • Poeunsigo (포은시고)

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Preceded by
Choi Yeong
Prime minister of Goryo Dynastys
Succeeded by