Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

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Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
Jerusalem Botanical Garden Givat Ram.JPG
Visitor center at the Botanic Garden in Givat Ram campus
Date opened1926
LocationMount Scopus and Givat Ram, Jerusalem
CoordinatesCoordinates: 31°46′01″N 35°12′04″E / 31.767°N 35.201°E / 31.767; 35.201

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens (JBG) are the national botanical gardens of Israel. The gardens are on the Hebrew University of Jerusalem campuses of Mount Scopus and Givat Ram. The first garden was established in 1926 at Mount Scopus. After 1948, when the university in Mount Scopus was occupied by Jordan, it was opened in a new site, in 1954, on the new campus university, in Givat Ram. After the 1967 war, when Mount Scopus was reoccupied by Israel, the garden in Mount Scopus was opened again. The visitor center is in Givat Ram, next to Nayot neighborhood.

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