Jerusalem International Airport

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Atarot Airport
Jerusalem International Airport
مطار القدس الدولي
שדה התעופה ירושלים
entrance to the Airport, 2010 (closed)
Location Atarot, Jerusalem Metropolitan Area
Elevation AMSL 2,485 ft / 757 m
Coordinates 31°51′53″N 35°13′09″E / 31.86472°N 35.21917°E / 31.86472; 35.21917Coordinates: 31°51′53″N 35°13′09″E / 31.86472°N 35.21917°E / 31.86472; 35.21917

Jerusalem International Airport (or Atarot Airport) was an airport north of Jerusalem, near Ramallah. It was the first airport in the British Mandate of Palestine. It has been closed since the Second Intifada, in 2010.

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