Jimboomba, Queensland

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Bridge over the Logan River at Jimboomba

Jimboomba is a town in south east Queensland, Australia. About 1,400 people[1] live there. It is 21 kilometers north of Beaudesert on the Mount Lindsay Highway.[2] The word Jimboomba is an Indigenous Australian word which means "Loud thunder, little rain."[3]

History[change | change source]

Jimboomba was first settled by Europens in 1845, when Thomas Dowse started to graze cattle and sheep in the area.[4] In 1880, the first hotel, the Norfolk Hotel, opened for business, with several more hotels opened in the next few years as the railway from Beaudesert reached the town.[4] The railway station became a loading spot for the local saw mill. The first school was opened in 1890 in the Presbyterian Church hall.[4]

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