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Jimmy Wales introduces the Jimmy Wales Foundation at Wikimania 2015 in Mexico City.

The Jimmy Wales Foundation is a non-profit organization started by Jimmy Wales to promote internet freedom.[1][2] The organization was established with prize money from the “Knowledge Award”, which was presented to Jimmy and Tim Berners-Lee at the first Knowledge Conference in Dubai.[3][4]

The organization talks about individual human rights cases of real people who were persecuted. One of the people featured is Bassel Khartabil, formerly from Creative Commons Syria. Bassel was imprisoned in Syria in 2012, and disappeared completely a few years later.[5] Bassel Khartabil has been killed in 2015. Another featured case is Roya Saberinejad, who went to visit her family in Iran, and never returned.[6]

Goals[change | change source]

The purpose of the Jimmy Wales Foundation is to stop government censorship and promote freedom of expression on the internet.[7]

The goals of the Jimmy Wales Foundation are to:

  1. Research the problem of freedom of expression and provide public information about the international problem
  2. Put political pressure on governments that control freedom of speech
  3. Use technology to promote free speech in countries with restrictive governments
  4. Pressure governments to make laws that promote freedom of expression
  5. Help individual people who are in trouble with repressive governments that restrict free speech[8]

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