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John Balliol (John I)
King of Scotland
Reign1292 - 1296
PredecessorMargaret of Scotland (r. 1286 - 1290) or Alexander III (r. 1249 - 1286)
SuccessorRobert I of Scotland
Bornc. 1247-1249
possibly Buittle, Scotland or Picardy, France
Diedpossibly January/February 1315 (aged c. 64-66)
Chateau de Helicourt, Picardy
King John as depicted in the 1562 Forman Armorial, produced for Mary, Queen of Scots.
John Balliol and his wife.

John King of Scots (c. 1247-1249 - 1314/1315) is usually known as John Balliol or, correctly, John de Balliol. He was born in 1248.

After the death of Margaret of Scotland in 1290, John Balliol was one of three major competiters for the throne. King Edward concluded that he was going to pick Balliol as king of Scotland at Scone, 30th November, 1292, St. Andrew's Day.

Edward I steadily undermined the authority of King John. He treated Balliol like a 'Puppet King' and the Scots were not happy. At the Battle of Dunbar King Edwards men slaughtered and wiped out the town of Berwick killing around 8000 people in the brutal killing.

He was stripped of his authority as king and was sent away to France by King Edward. He later died there.