John Brooke-Little

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John Brooke-Little as a young man

John Philip Brooke Brooke-Little (6 April 192713 February 2006) was an officer of arms from England.

In 1950 he founded "The Coat of Arms" which is the journal of the Heraldry Society of England. 50 years later, for its Golden Jubilee the society published a collection of essays called Tribute to an Armorist[1] in his honour.

Heraldic Posts[change | change source]

Private[change | change source]

  • Chairman, Heraldry Society 1947-97,
  • President 1997-2006

Official[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

  1. John Campbell-Kease, Ed. Tribute to an Armorist: Essays for John Brooke-Little to Mark the Golden Jubilee of 'The Coat of Arms' . (London: The Heraldry Society, 2000).