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John Mayhew

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John Mayhew (27 March 1947 – 26 March 2009) was an English musician. He was the third drummer for the progressive rock band Genesis. Mayhew was a part of the band from September 1969 until July 1970. He replaced John Silver as the drummer for the band in August 1969 . Mayhew appears on the album Trespass and the Genesis Archive 1967-75 box set. He was replaced in 1970 by Phil Collins.

For many years Mayhew's life after playing for Genesis was a mystery to most fans. It was said that his Trespass royaltycheque had gone unclaimed. There were rumors that he was dead or missing. In 1979, he moved to Australia. He eventually found work as a carpenter. He is now an Australian citizen.[1] In 2006, Mayhew attended the Genesis Convention in London along with Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett. He even played drums for a tribute band's performance of "The Knife" (from Trespass). He died a day before his birthday from a heart attack.

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