John Vianney

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Saint John Vianney, a confessor, was a priest who had a special gift for confession. He was known for his loyalty to the Virgin Mary. Vianney was born on 8 May 1786, in a small city in France called Dardilly. He died on 4 August 1859 in France.

He spent most of his childhood in Dardilly, France and inspired many people.

Vianney is known for his confession sessions. When he does confession, he already knows your sins. He works in the church for about 15-16 hours a day, Vianney is also known for the multiplication of flour. One time there was a family who was really hungry so they asked John to see if he could do anything about it. He prayed to God and like that the bowl was full of flour that had enough to make some bread in the oven.