Johnson County Community College

Coordinates: 38°55′33″N 94°43′40″W / 38.9257°N 94.7279°W / 38.9257; -94.7279
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Johnson County Community College
MottoChanging lives through learning.
Established1969 [1]

38°55′33″N 94°43′40″W / 38.9257°N 94.7279°W / 38.9257; -94.7279
ColorsNavy and Gold

Johnson County Community College (JCCC) is a public community college in Overland Park in Johnson County, Kansas.

History[change | change source]

In 1963, Johnson County Commissioners, recognizing the emerging community college movement and wanting to help the quickly growing population of Johnson County, Kansas,[1] created a committee to determine if it's possible to create a community college in Johnson County.

The college was officially created due to a successful county election in March 1967. The campus was made possible in 1969 after Johnson County voters approved $12.9 million to be used to buy 200 acres of land in Overland Park. Construction started in 1970. Classes were moved to the new campus in the fall 1972.[1]

Academics[change | change source]

JCCC has many undergraduate credit courses that are similar to the first two years of most college curricula. Class sizes are usually 25 to 30 students.

The college has 926 faculty and staff. Another 1,451 people work as adjunct faculty or part-time staff. Most faculty members have master's degrees. Many of them have or are earning doctorates. Faculty and staff have won many awards for excellence.[3]

Famous alumni[change | change source]

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