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José Luis Núñez Clemente (7 September 1931 – 3 December 2018) was a Spanish businessman and politician. He was president of FC Barcelona between 1978 and 2000. Núñez used to own the Núñez i Navarro construction company and Núñez i Navarro Hotels chain. He was elected club president on 1 July 1978. His main objectives were to establish Barça as a world class sports club and to give the club financial stability.[1] He was born in Guriezo, Cantabria.

In July 2011, Núñez was sentenced to six years in jail following conviction on a series of fraud charges.[2] The sentence was appealed and Núñez was allowed bail.[3] In November 2014, he entered in jail.

Núñez died on 3 December 2018 in Barcelona at the age of 87.[4]

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