Juan Corona

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Juan Vallejo Corona (February 7, 1934 – March 4, 2019) was a Mexican-born American serial killer who was convicted of the murders of 25 migrant farm workers. They were found buried in shallow graves in peach orchards along the Feather River in Sutter County, California, in 1971.

At the time, the crimes were characterized as among the most notorious in U.S. history. The exact victim total remains unknown and may be higher, according to local authorities. He was born in Autlán, Jalisco.

Corona was convicted of 25 counts of first-degree murder in 1973. In 1982, he was again found guilty of all 25 homicides. He served a life sentence in Corcoran State Prison in Corcoran, California.

Corona suffered from dementia in his later years.[1] He died on March 4, 2019 near Corcoran, California from complications of the disease, aged 85.[2]

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