Juan dela Cruz

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Juan dela Cruz is the national personification of the Philippines. He is often used to represent the common "Filipino".[1] He is usually shown wearing the native salakot hat, Barong Tagalog, long pants, and tsinelas (Tagalog: slippers).

Usage[change | change source]

Activists often portray Juan dela Cruz as a victim of American imperialism. During the American period he is often shown with Uncle Sam in many editorial cartoons. of the often depicted him alongside Uncle Sam. In modern times, he is used to show the opinion and feelings of Filipino about their government and society.

The term, sometimes shortened to "Juan", also refers to the whole Filipino people.

Juan dela Cruz is the Spanish for "John of the Cross". The name is often used to refer to a anonymous Filipino, like how John Doe is used to refer Americans. For females the term María dela Cruz is used instead.

References[change | change source]

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