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Jubaland is the southern-most state in Somalia. It lies between Koofur Orsi and the Somali Sea. Before 1925, Jubaland was called British Jubaland. At that time, British Jubaland was controlled by the British empire. Afterwards it was given away to Italy for 15 years. In the 21st century Jubaland was again created. The men who created Jubaland were Barre Adan Hiraale, Cabdicasiis Aganje Garamgaram, Abdulahi Faratag, Mohamed Gandhi and Maxamed Boodhe.[1] A person from Jubaland is called a Jubalander. Some Jubalander politicians was to secede (separate) from Somalia. Puntland and Jubaland have been described as Darod states.[2] The 21st century federal states are modeled after the colonial era regions. For example Jubaland after Trans-juba, Koofur-orsi after Geledi, Hirshabelle after Benadir Company, Galmudug after Hobyo state, Puntland after Majeerteenia, and Khatumo or Maakhir, i.e. SSC State after Darawiish.[3]

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