KRI Nanggala (402)

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KRI Nanggala (402), also known as Nanggala II, was one of two Cakra-class Type 209/1300 diesel-electric attack submarines of the Indonesian Navy. In April 2021, the vessel sank in the Bali Sea and all 53 personnel were killed.

Nanggala was declared missing on 21 April 2021, hours after losing contact with surface personnel while it was underwater. It was in the middle of a torpedo drill in waters north of Bali and had fired a live SUT torpedo before it went missing.[1]

Three days later, on 24 April 2021, debris from the submarine was found on the surface, and the Indonesian Navy declared Nanggala as sunk. The next day, scans positively identified the remains of Nanggala, and the loss of all 53 crew members on board was confirmed.[2]

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