Kabe sommarland

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Kabe sommarland
Opened 1984 (1984)
Closed 1995 (1995)

Kabe sommarland or just Kabeland was a summertime-based amusement park in the town of Jönköping in Sweden. What once was a summer park is now deserted and ruined. It was located at Haga near the Jönköping paintball park.

The facility was built by KABE Husvagnar AB back in the early 1980s. The park was opened in 1984 by Gösta Gunnarsson. He was back then Jönköping County governor. The first years were successful. By the early 1990s economic recession stroke hard against the economy. A pyrmaniac was roaming the neighbourhoods some years later. In September 1995 a fire destroyed the restaurant. Following the 1995 season the park was closed down, deserted and devastated.[1]

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