Kabui Salang Maiba

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Kabui Salang Maiba (Old Manipuri: Kapui Salang Maipa) is the chief of the Kabui chiefdom near Ancient Moirang kingdom. He is an old friend of Puremba, a man of Khuman dynasty. So, after the death of Puremba, he willingly brought up Khuman Khamba and Khamnu, the children of his old pal. He taught several skills and training to Khuman Khamba during the later's stay at his village. One of the legendary accounts associated with Khamba's outstanding strength is that of lifting up the large stone slab in the Kabui village. It was a test for examining Khamba's strength by his foster father, the Salang Maipa. When Khamba was fully grown up, he and his sister returned to their parental home in Moirang but still, the Salang Maipa rendered them timely help, including the provision of the rarest fruits to be served by Khamba on an occasion in the royal house of Ancient Moirang.