Kabyles people

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Kabyles Leqbayel
Total population
9 million (est.)
Regions with significant populations
 Algeriac. 3 to 3.5 million [1]
 Francec. ~+1 million [1]
 UKc. 120,000 [1]
 Spainc. 95,000 [1]
 Canadac. 90,000 [1]
 Belgiumc. 75,000 [1]
Related ethnic groups
other Berber peoples, Iberians

The Kabyles (Leqbayel in Kabyle pronounced /leqβajəl/) are a Berber people. Their traditional homeland is highlands of Kabylie (or Kabylia) in northeastern Algeria.

Their name comes from the name of the mountainous region in the north of Algeria where they live traditionally. Perhabs It means "tribes" (from the Arabic "qaba'il" which is the plural of "qabîlah" قبيلة tribe). They speak the Kabyle a Berber. Kabyles have been very active to fight for the official recognition of the Berber language in Algeria.

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