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Kalasan Temple
Kalasan Temple
Kalasan is located in Java
Location within Java
Kalasan is located in Indonesia
Kalasan (Indonesia)
General information
Architectural styleBuddhist candi
Town or cityKalasan, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta
Coordinates7°46′02″S 110°28′20″E / 7.767311°S 110.472335°E / -7.767311; 110.472335
Completedcirca 8th century

Kalasan (Indonesian: Candi Kalasan) is a Buddhist temple built in the 8-century during Sailendra dynasty and located near Sewu temple in Yogyakarta region of Indonesia. Based on Kalasan inscription (dated 778 AD written in Sanskrit with Pranagari script), Kalasan temple was created by King 'Guru Sang Raja Sailendravamçatilaka' as sacred building dedicated to the goddess Tara (Devi).[1]

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