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Kalifornia is a 1993 American crime drama movie. It was released in 1993. It is about a graduate student from Pittsburgh who wants to document killers. A psychopath on parole named Early has lost his job and wants to leave California. His parole officer, however, warns him against doing so for fear of Early going back to prison. When Early begins heading to his interview, he is stopped and confronted by his landlord for not paying his rent. Early then chases the landlord violently. Juliette Lewis plays Adele Corners, Brad Pitt plays Early, David Duchovny plays Brian.

The movie was finished in 1991. It not released until September 1993. It was released in the United States on September 8. The movie originally got an NC-17 from the MPAA, though it surrendered the rating before release.

The reviews were very positive. The money it made at the box office, however, was poor.