Kalinga (historical region)

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Kalinga was a eastern cost kingdom of India. It included large part of Odisha, Northern Andhra Pradesh and small part of chhattisgarh. It was an independent Kingdom. Kalinga fought against Mauryan empire in 261 BC and Mauryan empire was led by Asoka. The effects of the war were described by Asoka himself in the Rock edict XIII. Around 1,50,000 were killed during this war.

Kalinga was a important part for trade as it was easy to reach South East Asia. Kalinga again became an independent state after the death of Asoka of Mauryan empire. In sangam literature it is mentioned that kharvela of kalinga tried to invade north India against the Pushyamitra the founder of Sunga Dynasty but there is no clear evidence of that. Sunga Dynasty was founded just after the Mauryan.

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