Kama (river)

Coordinates: 55°21′50″N 49°59′52″E / 55.36389°N 49.99778°E / 55.36389; 49.99778
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Map of the Volga's watershed with the Kama's watershed shown
Physical characteristics
 - locationUdmurtia
 - elevation360 m (1,180 ft)
MouthVolga River
 - coordinates55°21′50″N 49°59′52″E / 55.36389°N 49.99778°E / 55.36389; 49.99778
Length1,805 km (1,122 mi)
Basin size507,000 km2 (196,000 sq mi)
 - average4,100 cubic metres per second (140,000 cu ft/s)

The Kama (Russian: Ка́ма, IPA: [ˈkamə]; Tatar: Чулман/Çulman'; Udmurt: Кам) is a river in Russia. It is 1,805 km (1,122 mi) long and is a large tributary of the Volga river. It is one of the biggest tributaries of the river.[1][2]

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