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Alternative names
  • Kunafeh
  • Kunafa
  • Kanafeh
  • Knafeh
  • Konafi
  • Kunaftah
  • Künefe
  • Kinafa
Place of originSyria[1][2] or Egypt[3][4]
Region or state
Serving temperatureWarm, room temperature or cold (qishta variety)
Main ingredients

Knafeh[5] (Arabic: كنافة), also spelt kanafa, kunafa, kanafeh, and knafe,[6] is a traditional Arab dessert[7] made with spun pastry called kataifi[8][9][10] soaked in a sweet, sugar-based syrup called attar, and typically layered with cheese, or with other ingredients such as clotted cream, pistachio or nuts, depending on the region.[3] It is a traditional dessert in the Levant, and is popular in countries such as Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, and Jordan.[11][3][12][13][14] In Turkey, it is called künefe.[15] Different variants of the dish exist in Palestinian, Turkish, Iranian, and Greek cuisine.

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