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Coat of arms

Kankaanpää is a city in Satakunta, Finland. It had about 12,000 people living there in January 2014. The municipalities next to it are Honkajoki, Ikaalinen, Jämijärvi, Karvia, Parkano, Pomarkku, Sastamala and Siikainen.

The municipality of Lavia is today a part of Pori. Lavia is also near Kankaanpää.

Municipalities inside Kankaanpää are Kankaanpää, Niinisalo, Vihteljärvi, Lohikko, Venesjärvi and Veneskoski.

The town manager is Mika Hatanpää. Before him the town manager was Paavo Karttunen.

Sport[change | change source]

- Kankaanpään Suunnistajat (KanSu) orienteering

- Kankaanpään Maila (KaMa) baseball

- Kankaanpään Pallo (KaPa) football

- Kankaanpään Uimarit (KankU) swimming

- etc.

History[change | change source]

In Kankaanpää has been found lots of Stone Age artifacts. But not so many Copper or Iron Age artifacts.

First inhabitants were in Kankaanpää in 16th century with 10 houses.

In early 19th century population of Kankaanpää was about 2,000. In 1850s the population was about 4,000.

The church of Kankaanpää has been built in 1839. Architect of church was C. L. Engel. There is a military and old cemetery in the garden of church. Other cemeteries are in the downtown and near the church.

There were not big battles in Kankaanpää in the Civil war. Sampakoski battle was on 22. February 1918 in Sampakoski near Lavia. The whites won the reds there. There is novadays a memorial of the battle. Near the battlefield is the cemetery of the reds.

Kankaanpää has founded in 1865 and it became a market town in 1967 and at last a town in 1972.

The local magazine Kankaanpään Seutu has founded in 1968. Before it the local magazine was Kankaanpään aluesanomat. The chief reporter of Kankaanpään Seutu is Jarkko Ambrusin.

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