Kansai Ki-in

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The Kansai Ki-in (関西棋院, i.e., Kansai Go Association) is an organization for the game of Go in Japan, which was founded in 1950 at Osaka. It is not as large as the Nihon Ki-in based in Tokyo, but it also gives diplomas to strong players and maintain their professional player system as the Nihon Ki-in does. They also hire professional players as same as the Nihon Ki-in (with different rules and age restrictions).

Famous players at Kansai Ki-in[change | change source]

  • Daisuke Murakawa
  • Dogen Handa (1915-1974)
  • Hideyuki Sakai
  • Manfred Wimmer (born in Austria)
  • Satoshi Yuki
  • Shoji Hashimoto (1935-2009)
  • Utaro Hashimoto (1907-1994, founder of Kansai Ki-in)

Female players[change | change source]

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