Kansas Democratic Party

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Kansas Democratic Party
ChairpersonVicki Hiatt
Senate leaderAnthony Hensley
House leaderTom Sawyer
FoundedJuly 27, 1855
HeadquartersTopeka, KS
Social liberalism
National affiliationDemocratic Party
Seats in the Upper House
11 / 40
Seats in the Lower House
41 / 125

The Kansas Democratic Party is the affiliate of the Democratic Party in the state of Kansas. The chair of the Kansas Democratic Party is Vicki Hiatt.

History[change | change source]

Since Kansas became a territory, the Democratic Party didn't have much power.

The Kansas Democratic Party has not been able to send a U.S. Senator to Washington since 1939. This is a record that no other state party in the United States has been able to beat. Kansas Democrats have not controlled the Kansas Senate since 1917.

Since the state’s founding, there have been 11 Democratic governor of Kansas, six of whom were elected after 1961.[1]

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