Kaohsiung County

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Kaohsiung County (now part of Kaohsiung City)

Kaohsiung County (Chinese:高雄縣; POJ: Ko-hiông-kōan) was a county in southern Taiwan administered as part of Taiwan Province of the Republic of China. It was combined with the former Kaohsiung City in 2010 to create a new Kaohsiung City.

District[change | change source]

City[change | change source]

Tongyong Pinyin Chinese
Fongshan City 鳳山市

Township[change | change source]

Tongyong Pinyin Chinese
Cishan Township 旗山鎮
Gangshan Township 岡山鎮
Meinong Township 美濃鎮
Alian Township 阿蓮鄉
Ciaotou Township 橋頭鄉
Daliao Township 大寮鄉
Dashe Township 大社鄉
Dashu Township 大樹鄉
Hunei Township 湖內鄉
Jiading Township 茄萣鄉
Jiasian Township 甲仙鄉
Linyuan Township 林園鄉
Liouguei Township 六龜鄉
Lujhu Township 路竹鄉
Maolin Township 茂林鄉
Mituo Township 彌陀鄉
Neimen Township 內門鄉
Niaosong Township 鳥松鄉
Renwu Township 仁武鄉
Sanmin Township 三民鄉
Shanlin Township 杉林鄉
Taoyuan Township 桃源鄉
Tianliao Township 田寮鄉
Yanchao Township 燕巢鄉
Yong-an Township 永安鄉
Zihguan Township 梓官鄉

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