Kapampangan language

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Amánung Kapampangan, Amánung Sísuan
"Kapampangan" written in Kulitan, the native writing system of the language
Native toPhilippines (Central Luzon)
RegionPampanga, southern Tarlac, northeastern Bataan, western Bulacan, southwestern Nueva Ecija and southeastern parts of Zambales
EthnicityKapampangan people
Native speakers
2.4 million (2010)[1]
Latin (Kapampangan alphabet)
Historically written in: Kulitan
Official status
Official language in
Regional language of the Philippines
Regulated byKomisyon sa Wikang Filipino
Language codes
ISO 639-2pam
ISO 639-3pam
Kapampangan-speaking area
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The Pampangan language or Kapampangan is one of the main languages of the Philippines. It is spoken in the province of Pampanga, most parts of Tarlac and Bataan.

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