Kashif Khan

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Kashif Khan
Kashif Khan.jpg
Years active1981–present
Known forRitchies Auctioneers[1][2]

Kashif Khan is a Canadian entrepreneur based in Toronto.[3][4] In 2011, Kashif Khan brought a rare $10 million flawless 7.5 carat fancy blue diamond along with rare coloured diamonds in Canada.[5][6][7]

Career[change | change source]

In 2009, Kashif bought the Ritchies Auctioneers, a Canadian auction house which was founded in 1967 by David Ritchie and Marlene.[8][9] Later he founded The K. Khan Group in 2011. According to CNW Group, "Kashif is known for bringing a rare $10 million flawless 7.5 carat fancy blue diamond along with rare coloured diamonds in Toronto".[10] Kashif set the record selling most valuable diamonds sold at auction in Canada.[11][12]

2013, Kashif hold a $20-Million Auction at the Royal Ontario Museum.[13][14] In 2014, massive 30-carat yellow diamond sold by Ritchies Auctioneer for $500,000.[15][16]

Institutional positions[change | change source]

  • Director at Ritchies Auctioneers[17][18]
  • Principal at The K. Khan Group
  • COO at Precious Investments, Inc. (PNIK)[19]

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