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The Kashmiri people are a Dardic ethnic group living in the central valley of Kashmir in the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir. They speak the Kashmiri language. Kashmiri is an Indo-Aryan language. The Kashmiris are also known as Koshur.

There are about 7.1 million people speaking the Kashmiri language. About 6.7 million[1] of them live in Jammu and Kashmir, and about 350,000[2] in Azad Kashmir and the Federally Administered Northern Areas (FANA) in Pakistan. Although all residents of Azad Kashmir call themselves 'Kashmiri', most residents of Azad Kashmir are not ethnic Kashmiris.[A]

Notes[change | change source]

  1. Snedden, Understanding Kashmir and Kashmiris (2015, p. 10): "Confusingly, the term ‘Kashmiri’ also has wider connotations and uses. Some people in Azad Kashmir call themselves ‘Kashmiris’. This is despite most Azad Kashmiris not being of Kashmiri ethnicity."

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