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Pagoda at Katsuō-ji

Katsuō-ji (勝尾寺, Katsuō-ji), also known as Katsuo-dera,[1] is a Japanese Buddhist temple in Minō, which is in the mountains of northern Osaka Prefecture.[2]

Katsuō-ji is one in a grouping of Buddhist temples which are pilgrimage sites in the Kansai region.

History[change | change source]

The temple site was first named Miroku-ji in 765.[3]

The name "Katsuō-ji" was given by the Emperor Seiwa.[3]

In 1184, the temple was destroyed by fire, but it was re-built.[3]

Daruma[change | change source]

Daruma dolls are often returned to the temple and left somewhere on the grounds.[3]

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Coordinates: 34°51′57″N 135°29′28″E / 34.865845°N 135.491056°E / 34.865845; 135.491056