Katter's Australian Party

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Katter's Australian Party
LeaderRobbie Katter
FounderBob Katter
Founded27 September 2011; 11 years ago (2011-09-27)
Split fromNational[1]
Right-wing populism[4]

Social conservatism[5]
Australian nationalism[7]
Economic nationalism[8]
Rural interests[4]
Christian democracy
Political positionRight-wing
Colours  Dark red
House of Representatives
1 / 151
Queensland Parliament
3 / 93

Katter's Australian Party (KAP) is a political party in Australia. It was formed by the independent and former Nationals Member of Parliament for Kennedy Bob Katter, with a registration application lodged to the Australian Electoral Commission in 2011.

Katter has been the party's federal parliamentary leader since that time, while his son Robbie is the leader in Queensland.[9]

In February 2020, Bob Katter handed the leadership of the party to his son Robbie Katter, a Queensland state MP.[10]

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