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Kazakh Americans

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Kazakhstani Americans
Total population
Less than 300 (Kazakh descent, 2000 US Census)[1]
24,636 (born in Kazakhstan, 2014)[2]
Regions with significant populations
New York, Montana, Georgia, Minnesota, Virginia, Alaska, Washington, Wyoming, Pennsylvania and Kansas[3]
American English · Kazakh · Russian
Sunni Islam, some Russian Orthodox
Related ethnic groups
Others Turkic peoples

Kazakh Americans are Americans of full or partial Kazakh ancestry. Although in the 1960s the population of Kazakh origin in United States was estimated in 3,000 people, the Census 2000 puts the population size in less of 300 people.[1] According to the American Community Survey in 2010-2012 there were more than 23,000 people born in Kazakhstan, but not all of them are of Kazakh ethnicity.

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