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Coat of Arms of Kesalahti

Kesälahti is a former municipality in Finland. It is part of the North Karelia region. There are almost 2,700 people living in Kesalahti.

History[change | change source]

Kesalahti is the southernmost municipality of North Karelia. It was officially founded in 1873. The area of the municipality is 582.67 km². 195.42 km² of it is water.

Kesälahti is advertised as a popular summer destination for families enjoying camping. The Puruvesi lake shores host three active camping grounds with cabins,¨and tent and trailer lots to let. The name of the municipality can be translated as 'summer bay'.

The current mayor is Jorma Turunen.

It was merged with Kitee on 1 January 2013.

Villages[change | change source]

Hummovaara, Kesälahti (centre), Marjoniemi, Purujärvi, Salokylä, Sarvisalo, Suitsansaari, Totkunniemi, Varmonniemi, Villala

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