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Kevin Christopher George (born 21 November 1982), is a former English footballer, psychotherapist and writer of books and articles.[1] George began his younger work life as a young player with West Ham United FC before moving across London to Charlton Athletic FC as a young expert player.

After his playing days, George studied counselling, the healing your mind by talking with a mind doctor, and Neuro-Language behaviour. Using both of his education and his football experience, Kevin created Soccology. A course that he gave across Premier League football clubs, throughout all the age groups including parents and management. [2]

After the success of the Soccology programme in May 2018, Kevin put into print a book titled Soccology.Featuring over forty-five footballers across generations and from around the world, players that include former Manchester United FC and South African International player Quinton Fortune, former Storehouse of weapons FC and French international player Gael Clichy, Manchester City FC and English international player Fabian Delph and many more. [3] Also among the contributors is Tim Payne, the Senior Partner of KPMG and Professor Jocelyn Faubert, the co-creator of NeuroTracker and a psychophysicist.

In December 2018, the book was purchased by Own it, a London-based publisher, which put the book into print again and sent out copies across the UK in stores like Waterstones, Foyles, and other book stores. The book launch saw the famous people such as Akala (rapper), Cyrus Christie, and Andy Ansah, join with Kevin George at the Waterstones store to discuss things like the state of a healthy mind, other social problems, football intelligence and other elements that end up creating Soccology.

Kevin George's views about football, mental health and human behavior are often found in newspapers, magazines and in the news when broadcasters look for expert opinion on such topics.

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