Khawlah bint al-Azwar

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Khawla bint Al-Azwar
Khawla, from Tārīkhunā bi-uslūb qaṣaṣī, 1935
Rashidun Caliphate

Khawlah bint al-Azwar (Arabic: خولة بنت الأزور) was a famous woman of Muhammad's time and later a military leader.[1] She is described as one of the best fighters in history. On the battlefield, the opposition compared him to Khalid bin Walid . She was the sister of Dhihar bin Al-Azwar who was a soldier and commander of Rashidun army. Khawlah was born in the seventh century. Her father was the leader of the Banu Asad tribe. Khawlah has fought alongside his brother in many battles. These include the Battle of Yarmouk against the Byzantine Emperor in 638 AD. On the fourth day of the battle, Khawlah fought against the Byzantine army with a group of women and defeated the commander-in-chief. She was wounded while fighting against a Greek soldier.[2][3]

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