Kherai Puja

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Kherai Puja is the most important religious festival of the Bodo people. They perform this puja on some specific occasions.

Description[change | change source]

The Kherai Puja is of four kinds.

Darshan Kherai[change | change source]

The Darshan Kherai (दोर्सोन खेराइ) is performed during the first week of the month of 'Kati' or 'Kartik'. It celebrates the goddess of wealth and welfare, so it is also called as the 'Lwkhi Kherai'.

Umrao Kherai[change | change source]

The Umrao Kherai (उमराव खेराइ) is held during the month of 'Ashara' at the end of the 'Amthi Sua' (the unclean period) for the welfare of the villagers as well as of the crops. This Kherai is also known as the 'Ashu Kherai'.

Phalo Kherai[change | change source]

The Phalo Kherai (फालो खेराइ) is also known as the "Danshrang Kherai" as it is performed during the full moon at the month.

Nowani Kherai[change | change source]

The Nowani Kherai (न'नि खेराइ) is performed by the family when it deems necessary. The Bodo people who believe in the traditional practice rely on the Kherai Puja and the Garja Puja for their welfare at all times.

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